Global Labeling and Stand-up Pouch Market Study 2020



Global Labeling and Stand-up Pouch Market Study 2020 combines the experience in their respective fields from AWA Alexander Watson Associates and SCHÖNWALD CONSULTING.

Combined overview of the global and regional market for labels and stand-up pouches

  • Discover the opportunities for both product decoration technologies
  • Get analysis for the global, and regional labeling market segmentation on end-use segments, technology, and substrates
  • Get information on market structure, application and equipment in stand-up pouches
  • Global and regional split of consumption, required film/laminates in stand-up pouches


Since 1980, AWA has regularly published comprehensive reports on label and product decoration markets, defining regional and application opportunities for all labeling formats. For more than twenty years SCHÖNWALD CONSULTING is watching the market of stand-up pouches very carefully, and has prepared several single- and multi-client reports about this type of packaging.

The market segments of stand-up pouches are split into retortable food, non-retortable food, retortable pet food, non-retortable pet food, beverages and non-food. A further division into stand-up pouches with and without spouts is made for non-retorted food, beverages and non-food.

Global Labeling and Stand-up Pouch Market Study 2020 includes the consumption of the defined stand-up pouches by market segment in globally and regionally in 2020 to 2023. In addition, data are provided about films/laminates used for stand-up pouches by region in 2020.

The labeling section of Global Labeling and Stand-up Pouch Market Study 2020 details the four main labeling technologies: Pressure-sensitive, glue applied, sleeving, and in-mold — and includes forecast growth for each. It includes a segmentation by label technology for region and a segmentation by country. In addition, the  label market is segmented by application category, end-use market, and material.


Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Methodology
1.3. Glossary and Definitions
1.3.1. Stand-Up Pouches – Description, Fitments, Manufacturing and Product Treatment/Filling
1.3.2. Labeling Definitions
1.3.3. Terminology
1.4. Scope of Overview
1.4.1. Geographical Scope
1.5. Objective of Research
1.6. Structure of Market Analysis
1.7. Statements of SCHÖNWALD CONSULTING and AWA Alexander Watson Associates
2. Executive Summary

3. Structure, Equipment and Application
3.1. Film and Laminate Structures for Stand-up Pouches
3.2. Printing Technologies for Stand-up Pouches
3.3. Market Segments and List of Products Filled into Stand-Up Pouches
4. Consumption of Stand-up Pouches
4.1. North America (NAFTA)
4.2. Latin America – Caribbean
4.3. Europe
4.4. Africa
4.5. Asia – Pacific
4.6. All Regions
5. Required Films / Laminates in Square Meters by Geographical Region in 2020
6. Conclusion

7. Label Markets
7.1. Product Decoration & Identification Technologie
7.2. Market Structures
8. Global Label Markets
9. Market Segmentation
9.1. Label Market by End-use Segments
9.2. Label Market by Substrate
10. Regional Label Markets
10.1. European Label Market
10.2. North American Label Market
10.3. Asian Label Market
10.4. South American Label Market
10.5. African & Middle Eastern Label Market
11. Related Publications

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