table of contents:

PMMA-, PC-, PET- and PETG-Sheet for Non-Packaging Application in Europe 1997 - 2002


Introduction to Report


Glossary and Use of Terms

Information about terms used in this study and details about the conception.


Scope of Overview

Information about kind of sheet, sheet application as well as European countries considered in this study.


Capacities for Sheet by Polymer and Country in 1997

Total production volume in 15 countries (including Eastern Europe as a group of countries) in Europe. Tables by country about
- PMMA cast
- PMMA extruded
- PC extruded
- PET extruded
- PETG extruded.


Sheet Manufacturers in Europe

Tables containing 66 sheet manufacturers in Europe by country and by sheet type as well as sheet production in tonnes.
Information about PMMA, PC, PET, PETG sheet manufacturers by country with names, complete addresses, telephone and fax.


Main End-Use Applications by Polymer

Main end-use application for PMMA cast, PMMA extruded, PC, PET and PETG sheet by sheet type.


Relevant Sheet Production Procedures

Information about sheet production procedures by polymer and explanation of sheet casting and sheet extrusion.


Resin Suppliers

Information about resin suppliers by polymer.


Comparison of Sheet Properties by Resin

Information about main physical and chemical properties by polymer used for sheet and comparison between polymers by weaknesses and strengths.



Information about the actual market situation comparing the market shares of PMMA, PC, PET and PETG.
Expected situation for the future and movements between the individual polymers in the markets considered in this study.
New developments.


Outlook 2000

Expected growth rates for the next five years and information about total volumes for PMMA, PC, PET and PETG in 2002 for non-packaging sheet.



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