Industrial Market Research

Our strength lies in the area of packaging. This includes flexible and rigid plastic packaging as well as steel, aluminium, glass, carton and paper packaging. Also plastics and paper not to be used for packaging purposes are part of our field of activity.

Our market analyses cover production and consumption, growth rates and predictions, information about manufacturers, converters and end-users, types of machinery and their efficiency, cost structures, developments and trends.

Our range of services includes multi-client as well as exclusive studies.

Multi-client-studies. Precise market observation, international contacts, attending conferences and exhibitions help us to see and pick up actual and interesting topics. This is the basis for developing meaningful multi-client-studies providing a detailed insight into the subject matter for the client.

Exclusive studies. Our comprehensive market knowledge and the global contacts enable us to meet all customer related requirements. The exclusive studies are done by order of the client and based on a detailed agreement with him. They are tailor-made for the client‘s requirements and open for him, only.


Management Consulting

We advise companies on the spot individually. Within personal discussions we provide our knowledge and support the companies regarding their strategic decision-making processes.


Cost Analyses

We develop detailed cost chains in order to provide a precise view into the cost structure of a product. This includes raw material prices, detailed manufacturing costs, costs for filling, closing, labelling and costs for secondary packaging, logistics and transport.


Consulting for Acquisition of Companies

We advise companies regarding acquisitions. In case a company is looking for an operation to be acquired or for another purchaser, we put our specialised knowledge and international contacts at their disposal.